Allan S. Goodman

Tasting & Promotions
Our “in-house” Tastings and Promotions Department plays a significant role for Allan S. Goodman in creating awareness and trial of new and promoted products to the end consumer.  Each event is booked in advance for either a 2 or 3-hour tasting.  With a deep bench of over 30 qualified Promotions Specialists, each week numerous events are booked, managed, and results compiled to provide immediate feedback to customers, salesmen, managers and suppliers.

Our Promotions Specialists receive product training specific for the brands that they will taste.  After each tasting event, each Specialist provides comprehensive feedback via a customized web-application to track sales results, demographic information, tasting feedback, the quality of consumer interaction, and any requests specific to the customer or supplier.

Our Tastings and Promotions Department has become and effective tool in introducing and promoting brands as well as generating measurable sales growth.

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