Allan S. Goodman

Trade Shows

Allan S. Goodman sponsors two wine-oriented trade shows each year.  The larger “Fall Trade Show” is hosted in September or October at a large, central facility and accommodates 400-500 customers.  The more intimate “Spring Trade Show” occurs in April or May closer to the shoreline.  Our suppliers are gracious enough to provide samples for tastings and Sales Representatives are encouraged to invite customers who may benefit by being exposed to a representative sampling of our product offerings.

For any customer that is looking to modify or enhance a wine list or any retail store that is looking to refresh their knowledge on current offerings and current vintages, each trade show provides the opportunity for interaction with company and supplier representatives to sample our wine portfolio.

In addition, the company will occasionally host focused events either in our warehouse or at one of our customers venues to promote specific brands or introduce a wine-maker or winery owner to the trade.  Any company sponsored event is strictly for the trade.

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